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Diffuse your levels:

If you difuse your levels, don't forgot to diffuse them with this file: Name of the map.txt

                           LEVEL FOR DUKE NUKEM 3D: Name of the level

========================Informations about author=======================

Author                       :
Description                 : very quick description of level
Thanks                       :


** Information about level **

Name                                       : fully name of the level
Name #                                    :
mode solo                                 : Yes/No
Mode co-op 2-8 players              : Yes/No
Dukematch 2-8 players               : Yes/No
Difficulty levels                          : Yes/No          //rename on
Monsters                                   : Yes/No
New graphismes                         : Yes/No
New musics                               : Yes/No
New sounds                               : Yes/No

** Build Information **

Base                                   : New level / Scratch
Time of construction            : *** hours
Editor used                          : editor
Bugs                                   : Bugs of the levels, if possible with coords (dncoords in the game) and/or explications.

** Description **

This level is ...

This level is for


you can go to my homepage at:

You can contact me at:
  E-Mail                :
  Adresse              :


PS: ***

This file can help you to be recognise for your work.
You also can make a .bat file to start your game without using the setup program.
Don't forgot to sign your level in a corner of the map.

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