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Duke-Tag Construction:

1) Make your Duke-Tag:

Remember: the Duke-Tag concept is only a different way to use the environnment, the rules of the game, to make new objectifs for co-op games.

You are the builder of your duke-tag so it is at you to decide what are the rules of your level(s). This is a list of some of differents concepts you can do with this game.

  1. The classic Duke-Tag: it is the same concept as
  2. get the flag: it is simple to players to get points simply by pressing a button in the other base. The team must do the best to attack the other base.
  3. Race: It's just a race between différents players, since the arrival where you get one point and you will be teleported to the begin of the level.
  4. Race with obstacles: The same that the simple race but with dangerous obstacles like monsters...
  5. other race: the same that a simple race but you must fount something (jetpack, steroids...).
2) Build your Duke-Tag:

There are important rules that you must respect to build a good duke-tag:

  1. Be solide: it must be impossible to brake the level: for swichs, activators, touchplates, the author meust take in consideration that the player doesn't do exactly what you want: what must arrived if a player jump on a touchplate, or if to players passed on a touchplate at the same time? The key to sucess is to test the level.
  2. Be equal: the differents teams musn't be avantaged or desavantaged than the others, for the distance to weapons, munitions, keys, swiths or to the end of the level. If the level is made for more than two teams, warning that the map has the same size for all teams or what it will append if only to teams are playing; You must close the acces to a part of the level.
  3. Give options: noone like playing with only one sollution; the bases must have differents acces way.
  4. Speed: your Duke-Tag must be quick to play: don't clutter the frame rate with too much graphismes. In Duke-Tag, the pllayers want speed.
  5. Sounds: the players need to know what the others players are doing in the rest of the level: so you must use sounds when the race start or when a team win points.
3) Finish the map:

The players want simples levels, and quickly understand the rules. the objectif musn't be too difficult.
I'm sure you want to had new graphismes et sounds in your level; you can do this by puting all of thems in a .grp file.
You must use Editart to make your owns graphismes.
Later you will record your demos, write a text to explain the rules of your Duke-Tag, or you will write a .bat file to startx your level without running the setup.
So you will simply diifused your level(s) to your friends on a floppy or on the web.

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