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The weapons:

this is a description of all the weapons of Duke Nukem 3D.

key: [²] or [1] on azerty keyboard.
It's the weapon of the last chance: his power is quiet null; the ranger is only util to brake quickly a grate or a rubbercam without using munitions. The ranger can also be used to destroy the ennmis that you have freeze, or the ennmis that you have shrink.

The pistol:

key [2]
His power is quiet null, but his precision is very important; it's a good weapon only in big places, like stades, or bigs places of city.

The shotgun:

key [3]
his power is very important; his precision is good and this weapon do very much damage to the others players or the monsters; it's the best weapon of this game: we can use it in all levels.

The chaingun canon:

key [4]
This weapon is very util to finish a player quiet death: It's easier to kill him with the chaingun that with the shotgun.

The RPG:

key [5]
This weapon have the most power with the pipes bombs: the power of the explosion is very important, but if you're too near, you can be killed; The others players can straf so you can use it only if the othrs players are near a wall, or in a corner, so if he straf if will explode near him and he will probably be killed. If the other player is good you must anticipate his movements.

The Pipes Bombs:

key [6]
Very good weapon in duke match if you place a laser tripbomb on the wall, put a pipe bomb under the laser, so the explosion is more important. You can also use it if you are pursue.

The Shrinker:

key [7]
It's a very good weapon in small places, but it's very bad in big places. You can shrink the others players, but if they use stéroids you can't shrink him. If you find this weapon try to find the stéroids so the others players can't take it. You can shrink yourself ifyou fire in a mirror.

The micro wave:

key [7] two times
This weapon fired quickly, and killed quiet rapidly the others players.

The dévastator:

key [8]
It's only a disuasion weapon: it looks like the RPG, but it have a power of pistol. This weapon is util if the others players don't straf.

The laser tripbombs:

key [9]
Very good weapon for duke match: place them in secrets place, after the corners, after the bugs... But you must remember wheree you have placed them. This weapon is very good, because there is no noise when you place it.

The Freezer:

key [0]
Bad weapon, But you can take an atomic ealth of 50% of the other player, when you kill him.

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